thinking small will kill us all

i’m bedridden today and using this rare pocket of time with my thoughts to reflect on current affairs, especially the ones in the news: about racism, the gender pay gap and sexual misconduct/assault cases in hollywood, because — as some friends know, i’ve concerned myself with these issues based on personal experiences. but i have […]

Let The Right Ones In

What was once a painful experience, is now something I can face and look at with love. I’ve learned that by sitting with the pain, by going through all the emotions that I felt in relation to it, from resentment to anger to sadness, and then to calm when I had finally let it go… […]

A Rainbow Zebra Begins The Year

I am writing this in the last hours before the second day of the new year. I feel as though I am being chased by a deadline, despite officially being on holiday. This is likely because I have had to take some time in the past week to check my work e-mail. I also purchased […]

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