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Every New Year’s Eve you ask the same question: Why aren’t you doing more of what you love? And every year it’s the same answer.

It’s because you’re scared.

Some time in the last week, I greeted someone I cared about with the line, “Happy New Fears”, but I look at it now and think: “Eh”. That’s not necessarily accurate or anywhere near what’s true. Your fears may take a different shape, but their essence is the same. No matter their form, they are simply what stop you from experiencing the fullness of life, and choosing what’s practical instead of what’s possible. They are what hold you back from love —all its terrors and indescribable joys.

Recalling a powerful imperative from the seemingly ancient blogging platform Livejournal, and I think it was Kathy Gener’s personal mantra for a while… I choose life. And to add to that, I choose to feel it all and to write as much of it down as I can. Because otherwise, ‘what a waste’!

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