Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 17:21 

What was once a painful experience, is now something I can face and look at with love.

I’ve learned that by sitting with the pain, by going through all the emotions that I felt in relation to it, from resentment to anger to sadness, and then to calm when I had finally let it go… It’s allowed me some space and to detach from drama.

Whomever we were together, isn’t me or isn’t my former partner anymore. Whatever happened, happened. It’s not here in the present moment.

Whereas I used to feel so much negativity, I breathe and am at ease with where I am right now. There is a fierce hope that he is happy and loving kindly, but there is awareness that I had and still have no control or influence over him, so I can only send my love and kindness his way.

If the pain and the difficulties that arose towards the end of our relationship come to mind, I shift my attention to the present, on the impermanence of things and the spaciousness of the heart.

There is always love to give. Here’s to love, to letting go, and to letting the right ones in.

The following playlist I dedicate to you, wherever you are.

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